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    Our priority is to support our clients, our partners, and the communities where they live and work every day. We want to be a part of building strong and vibrant communities. Because of this we support a variety of community initiatives, programs, organizations, and events. From donations directed to BC Children’s Hospital’s most immediate needs to supporting Canada’s environmental conservation efforts, sponsoring families in need, hydrating thirsty runners after a marathon or participating in a shoreline cleanup, Idea! Worldwide (Foods) is committed to supporting our environment and our communities.


    Investing in community and practicing corporate social responsibility is important for every business. We like to extend our helping hands out a little further by becoming personally involved in each cause we support.

    We do this through awareness, education, and practice. We contribute to community initiatives, programs, organizations, and events that benefit causes we believe in. We strive to enhance our awareness of what needs to be done and how we can help by volunteering and through education. We also support initiatives that help to raise the consciousness of others.


    Our commitment to communities across the globe and to our environment follows us with each step forward. We believe the more successful our business, the more we should give back. We invite you to join us in our community initiatives by partnering with us through cause related marketing, fundraising events, promotion and in-kind sponsorship to benefit the charity of your choice. Contact us at We look forward to contributing to positive change with you.

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